• What is Wellspring?


    Wellspring will be a place where people will find ways to heal and rejuvenate their mind, bodyand soul.   


    We will offer a preventative and therapeutic approach to good mental health, promoting resilience, building and incorporating Jewish rituals such as immersion into active wellbeing and recovery.  


    We will welcome people of all genders and all faiths and people of non religious beliefs. Wellspring will offer talking and complementary therapies, and pools for the powerful Jewish ritual of mikveh (immersion).


    It will be a space to create new rituals and for people to experience immersion on their own terms.


    We are proud members of the Rising Tide Open Waters international mikveh network.


    Click here to learn more about the project and see more detailed plans.


    A place to find comfort and peace, and leave stronger, healthier and happier. Our aim is to welcome our first visitors in 2024. 

  • Help us make sure we respond to the unmet needs of our community. 

    Help us raise the funds needed to conduct the research we need to move Wellspring to the next phase.

  • Voices

    Stories and thoughts from the Wellspring community

    Date: Wednesday 13th Oct 2021  Venue: the Jewish Museum    Contact: Rachel Heilbron, Wellspring Project Director   Event Information:   Emma Barnett demands more period talk. The woman’s hour host’s, new book “It’s about bloodytime, period” asks why we’ve clammed up about menstruation.   ...
    February 8, 2021 · Press Releases
    Date: Monday 22nd February 2021 (registration required - tinyurl.com/wellspringfeb22) Contact: Rachel Heilbron, Wellspring Project Director info@wellspringprojectuk.org, Event information: Following the inspiring launch of the Wellspring Project this event will delve deeper into the...
    January 19, 2021 · Press Releases
    Press Release Tuesday 19th January 2021 Launch event for new community mikveh hears how the Jewish community needs a dedicated space to promote mental health and wellbeing The full event can be viewed at tinyurl.com/wellspringjan21 Contact: Rachel Heilbron, Wellspring Project Director info...
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  • Meet our Trustees

    Our trustees are supported by a large team of volunteers- if you would like to volunteer or join the trustee board please let us know.

    Sam Clifford- Chair

    Sam has spent her professional life working in the Jewish community in a variety of organisations including Jewish Care, UJIA, Lead and the Jewish Museum. She believes passionately in gender equality.  She is currently Executive Director of Finchley Reform Synagogue.


    Ruth Green

    Counsellor and community activist - Past chair of Highgate Synagogue, trustee of JLGB and The Sir Martin Gilbert learning centre.


    Sue Pearlman

    Sue is a consultant in charity governance.  Until 2004 she was CEO of a group of Citizens Advice Bureaux.  Until June 2020 she was Honorary Secretary on the board of Reform Judaism.  She is an expert in charity governance, the work of trustees, and working with trustees and their staff.  


    Rabbi Rose Prevezer

    Rose is Head of Community Programming at JW3. Before returning to the UK she spent a decade in Los Angeles where was the director of NuRoots for the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

    Juliet Simmons

    Juliet’s background is in event production, advertising and marketing. She has worked with blue-chip clients around the world. Juliet was the Creative Director at the JCC for London (now JW3) prior to founding Piece of Cake. She is a member of the Book Council for London’s Jewish Book Week and volunteers for Ministry of Stories and at a monthly drop in centre for refugees and asylum seekers.

    Danielle Trainis 

    Danielle is the Membership Engagement Manager at West London Synagogue. Having worked in the Jewish world both voluntarily and professionally since the age of 14, she is passionate about pastoral needs for young people, safeguarding and young adult engagement in Jewish spaces. She previously worked for Moishe House, gaining a great understanding of young Jewish adult life around the world.


    Rabbi Miriam Berger

    Miriam’s 14 years in the rabbinate has seen her double the size of her community and make Finchley Reform a flagship synagogue of the Reform Movement. Her creativity and innovation has led to pioneering endeavours in education, services and pastoral work as well as hitting the headlines throughout the pandemic with novel ways of engaging her community whilst keeping them safe.


  • Quotes of Support

    Members of the wider Jewish community who support our vision

    Rabbi Rebecca Birk (Finchley Progressive Synagogue)

    "I would love to be able to use Wellspring as a resource for the pastoral work in my rabbinate and look forward to a more creative and special place to mark moments with my congregants... I am waiting enthusiastically for the project to succeed, be built and be used."

    Carrie Bornstein (CEO, Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Education Center

    “Watching Wellspring’s leadership move from vision towards reality has been inspiring, and it’s been a real joy to partner with them. The London Jewish community deserves an open, accessible, welcoming mikveh just as much as any other community, and we are honoured to be part of its creation.”

    Daniel Carmel Brown (Chief Executive of Jewish Care)

    “We recognise what a significant support Wellspring will be for Jewish Care clients, their families and staff. Whether it is marking the different moments of loss that come with loving someone with dementia or supporting staff through the inevitable yet distressing deaths that are part of working in social care, Wellspring will provide the space and support to manage these moments.”

    Michelle Janes (Co-Chief Executive Officer, JLC)

    “British Jewry care for our elderly, our children with special needs, our adults with learning difficulties, we support the dying and those living with mental illness and provide the very best education from babies through to our old age.  Now it is time to focus on our well-being.  When the Jewish community pulls together to find answers in the face of adversity we do so in the most extraordinary of ways. I have no doubt that Wellspring will be another jewel in the crown of Anglo-Jewry and that we will see in this initiative the difference it makes when special provision is made to support people through all of the inevitable transitions and challenges of life.”

    Lucy Marshall (Director of the Rising Tide Open Waters Mikveh Network)

    “The Wellspring Project is not only contributing to the global open mikveh movement, it’s expanding the movement in deep, transformative ways. The Wellspring Project’s vision is inspiring, innovative, and possible. Communities around the world who know the value of inclusive, renewed ritual immersion are thrilled to support this project.”

    Miriam Lorie (Semicha student at Yeshivat Mahara, Borehamwood Partnership Minyan)

    "Mikveh is Judaism's answer to finding spiritual renewal in an embodied practice. Wellspring is needed to open the gates - the floodgates - of mikveh to all who want to embrace this beautiful mitzvah. It will provide a welcoming, inclusive face to mikveh and options for how to personalise it, whether for keeping niddah or marking a significant moment. It will be a fully kosher mikveh, just not as you've seen mikveh before. It will support mental health in our community, serving as a meeting place, healing place and hub. Our community needs Wellspring and can't wait for its doors to open."

    Rabbi Chaim Weiner (Av of Masorti Judaism Beit Din)

    “The ritual of mikveh is such an important moment for those who have taken the long journey to convert to Judaism.  We currently do not have premises which elevate this beautiful mitzvah and do our gerim a great disservice. I look forward to a time when our gerim, kallot and all those who wish to immerse can do so in an appropriate and halachik way.”

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